Zelensky will he retain power: the astrologer has predicted the end of a possible departure



Famous astrologer Vlad Ross has suggested that Vladimir Zelensky would resign from the post of President of Ukraine early.

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The astrologer made a sad prediction for Zelensky.
The astrologer explained what the year 2021 will be for Zelensky. Photo:

According to the astrologer, the year 2021 for the Ukrainian leader will be very difficult and even dangerous. It is next year that he will be most at risk of resignation. In addition, the resignation may be voluntary due to the circumstances or because of the threat to his life.

“I do not exclude that at this point he may start to suffer from depression, followed by a voluntary resignation”, – said Vlad Ross.

Another reason for resignation could be a threat to life.

“The big question is whether Zelensky will stay in power in 2021. It will be difficult to do, because Saturn, the planet of great misfortunes, reversal and great difficulties, will connect with the Sun, the planet associated with royal domination and presidential, the day of Zelensky’s birthday, January 25, and will stay all year in Aquarius. “ – explained Ross.

But the dismissal, according to the astrologer, Zelensky is not threatened.

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