Zemfira for the first time in a long time released a new song – “Crimea”. She talks about the difficulty of living together





Zemfira made an unexpected and long-awaited gift to all music lovers – for the first time in a year and a half, she released the new single “Crimea”. It’s the time that has passed since the release of his song “Joseph” in 2018.

Today, April 1, when many are now alone, Zemfira released on the net his new song “CRIMEA” and united everyone – what could be better? (Author spelling and punctuation have been saved. – Approx.) – Renata Litvinova wrote on Instagram.

Indeed, due to quarantine and the coronavirus epidemic this year, many do not laugh at April 1. Zemfira’s new song is also imbued with a lingering feeling of loneliness and nostalgia.

“Crimea” was written for the film “North Wind” by Renata Litvinova, which was a continuation of her performance.


Poster for the film “North Wind”

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