Zemfira said in her forties: “I want to help the elderly, I want to be useful”



Zemfira said in her forties:


The 43-year-old singer Zemfira mainly posts photos of performances or information directly related to her work on Instagram. However, just a few hours ago, for the first time in a long time, a star wanted to share his personal thoughts on the most urgent problem in the world today – the coronavirus pandemic.

Zemfira published a selfie on which she poses in a medical mask on her face, and in the signature which is made to her, she said what she did during her free time on self-isolation:

Hello And hi. In these strange days, when nobody understands anything, I sit at home, every day I go from one instrument to another, trying to put my thoughts and feelings into songs. Now there is nothing I can do. I want to help the elderly, I want to be helpful. Such a moment has come – as in the novels of my beloved Philip Dick – an indefinite time. I’m writing an album, ready for two-thirds, but does it really matter now? No. It is important to stay at home, to take care of your loved ones. We will have everything. And the album, and the tour, and everything. But now, we all need to freeze to survive (the spelling and punctuation of the author are preserved. – Ed.).

Zemfira said in her forties:


In the comments, fans thanked Zemfira for the kind words addressed to all fellow citizens in such difficult times, were delighted with the release of the new album and also admitted that after the end of the quarantine, the artist was very impatient to perform in different cities of the world.

Recall that at the beginning of April, Zemfira presented for the first time in a long time a new single entitled “Crimea”. The song was written specifically for the film Renata Litvinova “The North Wind”, with which Zemfira is friends and has collaborated for many years.

Zemfira said in her forties:

The song is imbued with a lingering feeling of loneliness and desire and tells of how difficult it is for people to be together, even if they love each other.

It was Litvinova who was one of the first to release the new song by Zemfira. She hinted that the singer had specially released the single during the quarantine period in order to unite all these people who are now alone with the help of music. By the way, Renata recently became a guest on Ksenia Sobchak’s YouTube show “Watch out, Sobchak!”, Where she talked a little bit about her friendship with Zemfira.

Zemfira said in her forties:

Zemfira and Renata Litvinova

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