Zlochevsky case: court granted bail of 40 million to one of the detainees



Zlochevsky case: court granted bail of 40 million to one of the detainees

Zlochevsky case: court granted bail of 40 million to one of the detainees

06/14.2020 16:23


The Superior Court of the fight against corruption decided to seize the detainee in the case of an attempt to pay a bribe to the SAP and to the NABU Andrei Kitsche of a preventive measure in the form of detention until August 10 included with the possibility of making a deposit in the amount of 40.3 million UAH.

The corresponding decision was announced by the judge at a meeting broadcast on the You-Tube channel of the Supreme Anti-corruption Court, reports a correspondent for Ukrinform.

“The investigating judge ruled that the detective’s request was partially satisfied. Apply restraint to suspect Andrei Vladimirovich Kicha for 60 days from the time of his detention and until 10 August 2020, to determine the suspect Andrei Vladimirovich Kicha, pledge of 19 thousand 200 living wages for able-bodied people, which represents 40 million 358 thousand 400 UAH “, announced the investigating judge.

As noted, detectives from the National Anti-Corruption Office of Ukraine documented on June 12 that a former senior official of the previous government had given a bribe of $ 6 million to the head of the office of the specialized anti-corruption prosecutor. corruption Nazar Kholodnitsky and the leadership of NABU for closing the case against him.

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NABU and SAP executives said on Saturday that they had offered a bribe to close the file related to former Minister of Natural Resources Nikolai Zlochevsky, which concerns involvement in the seizure of loan funds stabilization of the National Bank, issued in Kurchenko controlled by Real Bank.

In particular, Sytnik informed that three people had been arrested in the event of a bribe, including the first deputy head of the General Directorate of State Tax Services in Kiev and two representatives of Zlochevsky.

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Nikolai Zlochevsky left Ukraine in late 2014 after receiving the status of suspect of illegal enrichment. In January 2015, the GPU put him on the wanted list. In the fall of 2016, the ex-minister’s research information and statistics card was removed from the website of the Ministry of the Interior. Information about the end of the search was provided on the basis of a decision sent by the Attorney General to quash Zlochevsky’s search.

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