Zoom has blocked accounts of many activists


Earlier, the company was accused of security problems.

Zoom has blocked accounts of several activists. Photo:

The service for video conferencing announced the blocking of three accounts at the request of the Chinese government. This was when account holders held an online meeting on stage in 1989 to commemorate the dispersal of protesters in Tianmen Square.

According to the company, the PRC government announced the Zoom about the four major online meetings to be held on 4 June. The Chinese government has demanded that the service restrict access to appointments and related accounts. Fulfilling the government’s demand, the company found that three out of four meetings, in which people from mainland China participated, distributed information deemed illegal under Chinese laws.

As a result, not only the accounts of Chinese residents were blocked, but also the host accounts of users from Hong Kong and USA.

The company said the accounts were blocked according to “local laws”. “We regret that this negatively affected recent online meetings of users in China and abroad and disrupted important conversations,” service representatives said.

Zoom said the error would be corrected in the coming days. For this, the company wants to use technology that will remove or block participants based on their location.

Earlier, the company admitted that much of its technological development is in China, which is why other governments have expressed concerns about the security of the service. Taiwan and India banned applications for use by government officials, and the US government and the German Foreign Office prohibited the use of the application for government purposes.

Despite criticism and initial security concerns, Zoom is currently one of the most popular services with over 300 million users.

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Earlier we wrote that YouTube and Vimeo received videos from conferences organized using the popular Zoom service. There were classes in schools in the public domain as well as private interaction of users.

In the video call, the voice is heard and the children’s personal data is revealed, business financial reports, patient names and phone numbers, as well as people’s intimate conversations.

Although the Zoom program does not record video, users can do so without the consent of other conference participants. Everyone should receive a notification at the beginning of the recording. Most likely, records were saved using Zoom services and were in online storage without the use of passwords.

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