Zoom is not safe, even Google blocks it


Video conferencing software Zoom which has become extremely popular in recent weeks due to quarantine due to a health emergency, is having a very difficult time due to huge loopholes related to user security and privacy.

Despite the company’s attempts to solve the problems, the number of companies that decided not to use Zoom anymore is constantly growing. also Google actually confirmed blocked the use of Zoom from company computers. Therefore, the application cannot be used by employees of an American company on all devices of the company.

In an official statement released by The Verge, Google emphasized that employees will be able to continue to use Zoom (to keep in touch with friends and family, but not for business reasons), using the web version of the service or smartphone app.

In the same time, Click to enlarge confirmed work on fixing security holes which characterize the service. The company said that over the next 90 days all the problems that arose these days in connection with the operation of the application will be identified and resolved. At the same time, however, the software can drastically reduce the number of users due to huge holes in managing security and privacy.


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