Zoom is preparing a gift for May 9: what will make users happy


Zoom pledges additional security improvements

Zoom is preparing a gift for May 9: what will make users happy

The malleable video conferencing service Zoom has finally heard a number of complaints and is launching a package of changes to the functioning of security systems: developers only address this problem seriously after a wave of criticism.

As a result, the updates are scheduled for May 9, 2020. In addition, recent changes to Zoom have made the service more secure than ever, with administrative options to turn off personal meeting IDs.

It is expected that the update will require users to have a password for all meetings. Compulsory use of the lounge will also be introduced, where the organizer of the meeting until the organizer is ready to start the meeting. The move should prevent one of the most problematic weaknesses in the system – the inclusion of unwanted guests at Zoom conferences.

The reference PAYSPACE magazine

Remember that the coronovirus epidemic brought many completely new technologies to life – if more than 10 million people worldwide previously used the video conferencing service under the Outlandish name Zoom, today their number is twelve at lightning speed The fold has increased. And continues to grow rapidly.

Suddenly, a video call service rose to the top of user Olympus and ranked first among the most popular applications in most developed countries. However, not only has the service grown in popularity – Zoom’s security suspicions are increasing every day. Read more in PaySpace magazine.

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