Zoom will release touch monitors for work from home


This is the company’s first device in the new zoom for the home office home category.

Zoom will release a touchscreen monitor to work from home. Photo:

Zoom, a service for video conferencing, announced a touch monitor for interactive video conferencing and home work – DTEN ME. The device costs $ 599. Sales will be out in August, report The ledge.

The DTEN ME is a 27-inch touchscreen monitor with three-inch HD cameras, eight noise-canceling microphones, and built-in speakers. It weighs 6.5 kg. This is the company’s first device in the new Zoom for Home category, home office products. To use the gadget, the user must have any zoom meeting license, must be clear


According to the company, the device can be used as a second monitor – DTEN ME provides synchronization with smartphones and laptops. It can also serve as an interactive whiteboard with the ability to leave comments and annotations on documents, and you don’t have to install additional software to enter the zoom.

DTEN ME also syncs with calendars and displays all subsequent appointments on the menu. At this time, the Zoom for Home products will only be available in the US market.

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We previously wrote that Zoom blocked several accounts at the request of the Chinese government. In 1989, account holders organized an online meeting on stage to commemorate the spread of protesters in Tianmen Square.

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