Zoom will start disconnecting users: official appeal


Zoom will not be able to use users who do not update in addition to the fifth version

When Zoom starts disconnecting users: the company’s official appeal

After several scandals, the company Zoom decided on cardinal measurement due to problems with the security of the video call program: users not updating the application before May 30 would not be able to use the services of the service.

Due to this, the zoom room should achieve a high level of security and privacy control. To join any conference from May 30, as mentioned in the company, you will have to use Zoom 5.0 or a later version of the platform. Users of earlier versions of Zoom will not be able to use the service only.

Zoom 5.0 includes an improved encryption standard to ensure that content shared by users on the platform cannot be intercepted by outsiders.

In the updated version, in the videoconferencing organizer’s menu bar, the controls will be grouped together and located under the “Security” icon. They will allow the organizer to enable or disable such features of the participants: show screen, chat, rename themselves, and also remove the participant.

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Remember that the main and most important advice for Zoom users is not simply to use the service for critical and confidential conversations, it is better to resort to instant messengers with end-to-end encryption. And for a casual chat with colleagues and a travel space with friends for the bar, the Zoom is quite appropriate – as a tool for a mutual conversation space, the program works really well. For more information on protecting the service for video conferencing, see PaySpace magazine.

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